VIDEO: Jason Grilli Loves Pearl Jam, Pittsburgh, Dances On Stage with Eddie


Most of you know that Jason Grilli loves Pearl Jam. The Pittsburgh Pirates closer got to be on stage with Eddie and the boys as they kicked off their tour in Pittsburgh.

Grilli he had a really, really good time flashing his dancing skills after giving a fired up speech to the Pittsburgh crowd.  Some friends of mine were at the show and let me know that Grilli was on stage and backstage with some other Pirates teammates having the time of his life.  I especially liked this comment from the You Tube video…

"I was 8 rows back behind the stage… Eddie isn’t that big of a guy, but I never realized how big Grilli was until I seen him on stage beside Eddie. Grilli made out on this night for sure. He got to be on stage – gave a speech that was goose bump worthy-, got Eddie’s guitar, and he got Eddie’s bottle of wine. The Cheese man had a hell of a year and was very deserving of what he got last night.. Goddamn what a kick ass show this was!!!!"

h/t to Colin Dunlap for tweeting this

If you weren’t fortunate enough to see Grilli’s entrance video at PNC Park, here it is. Gotta love Cheese. Gotta love him.