Ummm… I Missed Pittsburgh Pirates Day


So Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O’Connor proclaimed today Pittsburgh Pirates Day.  Why didn’t anyone tell Twitter?  Hell, why didn’t I know about it?

Tomorrow RumBunter is going to make a proclamation.  It’s Vinnie Must Go Day.  Or it’s Kickstarter We Want A.J. Back  Day.  No, seriously, how can it be Pittsburgh Pirates Day and most of the city doesn’t really know about it?

I felt left out.  But then I started digging in to the event.  What a joke.

Is this all that Pittsburgh Pirates Day really is?  A piece of paper is printed, put into a dark folder and handed to whoever the hell shows up from the Pirates?

So, seriously, this is Pittsburgh Pirates Day?

No wonder Pittsburgh government sucks so bad.  Hell, any type of government for that matter.  So when I finally heard tonight that it was Pittsburgh Pirates Day, I was curious, how many Pittsburgh Pirates were in attendance for Pittsburgh Pirates Day?

Oh, Clint Hurdle wasn’t there?  Wait.  There were no actual players at the event?  Oh.  Ok.   Got it.

But still…. I can’t believe I missed Pittsburgh Pirates Day.

Pirates president Frank Coonelly didn’t miss it.  Today, he offered his thanks for the proclamation by Councilman Corey O’Connor who rocked the Roberto Clemente jersey as the fancy paper was presented to the Bucs President.

It’s pretty obvious that I was about the only person in Pittsburgh who didn’t know it was Pittsburgh Pirates Day today.  You know, just judging from the outpouring of the five Facebook likes as of 11pm tonight.

Woo!!  Can’t wait until the 2014 Pittsburgh Pirates Day!