GIFs: Pirates Gregory Polanco Rake Fest


Gregory Polanco is at it again tonight.   Two at-bats.  Double.  Single.

Wait.  Make that three at-bats.  Three hits.

No.  Make that 3-for-3 with a walk in his fourth plate appearance.

Ha, ha, ha….  wait.  El Coffee leads off the ninth with another BOMB.  Un.  Real.  Gone!  Polanco is so damn relaxed at the plate in some of the GIFs you are about to see it’s insanity.

These GIFs are from one of the best follows on Twitter, @27imokemp.  Enjoy these Gregory Polanco GIFs that he put together… they should help you get you through this dreadful World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Cardinals tonight.  It’s so depressing watching the Cards finally suck.  But back to the future here as we talk about Polanco.

Remember when Starling Marte went on a Winter League tear?  Yeh.  So do I.  But Polanco looks even more impressive than Marte.  That’s hard to even write.

Here is the POLANCO BOMB in the ninth inning last night, his third of the season:

Two of the hits from tonight’s game for El Coffee:

And from his other recent display of awesomeness:

Should Polanco keep up this torrid pace up in the Dominican as the quality of pitching improves, that right field platoon for the first few months of 2014 might not be all that bad after all.  The talent level on the mound is going to gradually improve as the season continues, let’s trust El Coffee continues to improve as well.

For all our Spanish speaking guests, here is Polanco’s interview after his big game the other night.