Pittsburgh Pirates Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas


Look, the best Halloween costume of the season is the Boston Red Sox/Fenway Park inspired scene. Nobody touches this, but we were inspired by some of our favorite sports stars as we prepared for the annual Halloween Party.

We think that Halloween brings out the best in everyone. Well most everyone.  We trust you have a great Halloween and if you need some last minute ideas… check out some of these…..

Andrew McCutchen is the best player in the National League.  The Buccos center fielder is scary good.

A.J. Burnett and Miley…, I mean Karen Burnett.  Really easy to put together, impossible to duplicate the Burnett’s swag though.

Everyone is going to remember the #PNCParkBlackout.  Pedro Alvarez‘s biggest fan, his wife Keli, rocked this cool custom shirt which can be a really easy costume idea for you to copy. Just not sure you can look this cute…well, I am positive of that.

For Pittsburgh Pirates fans, Tony Sanchez had one of the greatest catches of the season. It inspired Sanchezing.

Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez lands on the concrete in the Padres dugout.

Now that is going to be hard to pull off at the Halloween Party.  Where would you put your drink?

So no worries.  This Sanchez inspired costume idea won’t be.   If you don’t have one–get your Sanchez jersey and Buccos hat at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Head to the party, find the bar,  lean up against it. Dig in.

Geico has some funny commercials.

Bob Nutting does too.

Here is the combination.

Pittsburgh Pirates Bob Nutting is a perfect Geico spokesman

Some of the non-Buccos costume ideas were too funny to pass up.

The Pittsburgh Pirates don’t have a lot of players with huge gun shows, well outside of Marlon Byrd so we went outside of the Bucs for this last one.  I was thinking maybe you have a gun show?  You can show off those big arms with a simple Fred Flinstone costume. The Rock shows you how.

I was trying to think how to match the Red Sox scene….all I could come up with is this was the guy who almost fuc**d things up.  Anybody got me beat?  Leave the idea in the comments, it would make my day…..thanks.