Clint Hurdle was on the media tour ..."/> Clint Hurdle was on the media tour ..."/> Clint Hurdle was on the media tour ..."/>

Pirates Clint Hurdle Talks A.J. Burnett During Media Rounds


Clintstrodamus Hurdle

Pittsburgh Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle was on the media tour today.

We heard Clint on 93.7 The Fan and then he headed down the hall to 102.5 WDVE.

Hurdle spoke about A.J. Burnett after listening to the Burnett clip from Colin Dunlap’s excellent interview.  Burnett mentioned that he wished that the Pirates had told him when they made the decision that Cole would get the ball.

"A.J Burnett and I aren’t the same, but we find a way to make it work.  ( I enjoyed the present tense, maybe it was just me.)"

Hurdle said he can’t control what people think or feel.  The organization made the decision and thought about the impact it would have.  He also said that he respects Burnett.  He wants the ball.  “I get it,” Hurdle said.

The real enlightening thing for me was how Hurdle glowed about the development teaming ‘growing our own guys.  He spoke about the Cardinal Way, and how the Pirates are developing a Pirate Way.

A funny part of Hurdle on The Fan was reflecting about McCutchen in the final at bat with the game on the line.  Hurdle metnioned that if Cutch would have come through he would probably still be lying on the bottom of the dugout.

The DVE interview is live now on 102.5.  Hurdle joked that he slapped (Bench Coach Jeff) Banister during the Cuet0, Cueto! chants…”this is World Cup Soccer!”

Talking about numbers, Hurdle said that the game is evolving.  If numbers say 80 percent failure, success  20 percent…I like being the 20 percenter some times.

During the DVE interview, the Morning Show team played their clip of Burnett talking about Clint saying ‘Good job” when he was pulled in the Cincy game.  Burnett was talking about being in the moment and all five starters should fight and the winner gets to make the start.

Hurdle was asked if that was accurate account.

A.J. has made me a better manager.  Understanding a veteran at the back part of his career…how he has taken the other four starters under his wing.  He’s 36, I am 56.  He has layers.  I encourage our players to speak their mind.  We have to walk away with the same motive.

"Do I want him back?  Yes.  Yeh.  I am not afraid of the confrontration.  Other teams aren’t confident when he is on the mound."