A.J. Burnett Return ‘Much Less Likely’ Says ESPN Radio’s David Todd


A.J Burnett is the man.

ESPN Radio David Todd had Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington on his show today.  That was the good news, the bad news was what Todd tweeted after the show.

So with Todd tweeting his gut feeling on the return of the Dark Knight to Pittsburgh,  just what is happening with the Burnett situation in Pittsburgh?  Is it the retirement?  Is it the flare ups with Hurdle and all of the things that haven’t seen the light of day from the Pittsburgh media? Or is it just negotiation at its’ best?

Just what possibly could keep the Pirates from getting A.J. back on the mound, well the Pirates money tree is a bit light it seems when doing all the roster math.

So there is the latest update on the return of A.J. Burnett to a rotation that desperately needs another exclamation point in 2014.  If this proves to be true, we would have to start speculating that Huntington has something else up his sleeve this offseason.