Report: Phillies Sign Outfielder Marlon Byrd


Free-agent outfielder Marlon Byrd has reportedly signed with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Byrd was a player we were concerned the Bucs would fall in love with after his production this year.  The two-year deal with Philly is good for Byrd, but essentially a deal buster for the Pirates with Gregory Polanco somewhat close to playing in front of the Clemente Wall.

Good luck to Byrd in Philly.

Yesterday, we wrote about the Mets reaching out to Byrd.

The Major League Baseball Hot Stove season is one of my favorite of the year. We can make ridiculous headlines, like the New York Mets have made contact. We think wild thoughts like how fantastic Chris Sale would look on the bump at PNC Park–in black and yellow. Ahh, the Hot Stove is here.

So the Mets people have made contact with Marlon Byrd‘s people. Many in Pittsburgh would like Maroln Byrd back in right field. After the production the Byrd man provided for the Pirates and the team’s fans, Byrd returning to the Bucs is viewed as something positive around town.

The one thing that sticks out to me is that Byrd is a season away from being one of the worst players in baseball. The trip to Mexico, the PED’s, the possible sanctions that he could face if another PED incident occurred, it’s so much for me to comprehend. Byrd was really good, but how much is it going to take to land him back in Pittsburgh?

Maybe the hardest, yet by far the smartest thing would be to try to get the next Marlon Byrd. Find one of the worst 35-year olds in baseball, roll the dice, send him to a high-school swing instructor in California and say a prayer. A lot of prayers. ( I mean the Pirates try this every spring with ex-Rockies that Hurdle once coached, it has to work one of these years, right?)

Looking way down the road, would signing Byrd to a two-year deal make sense? Many have Gregory Polanco penciled in front of the Clemente Wall in seven or eight months. I have my fingers crossed. Polanco would answer so many questions.

The only question, of course, for the always cost first Buccos is this—how much will it take to get Byrd back in his partially-buttoned Pirates jersey?