A.J. Burnett is a free agent.  The Pittsburgh Pira..."/> A.J. Burnett is a free agent.  The Pittsburgh Pira..."/>

Walking Dead Governor and A.J. Burnett Have Some Things in Common


A.J. Burnett is a free agent.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are waiting patiently to decide if he is returning to pitch for the Bucs in 2014, ride off into the retirement sunset, or perhaps play for another team.  David Morrissey plays the The Governor on The Walking Dead.  It took a few episodes, but Walking Dead fans got to see his return tonight.

We think Burnett and The Governor have a few things in common.  Besides rabid fan bases dying to see the return of their favorite bad asses of course.

The Governor has an eye patch thanks to an ambush by Michonne.

Shortly after coming over from the New York Yankees, A.J. Burnett was ambushed by a baseball during bunting drills.  ( It prompted everyone to do some photo shopping about a serious situation.) But, Burnett didn’t let it hinder him and when he got healthy, he pitched his ass off for the Pirates.  All the way until he was ambushed by the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Division Series last month.

Unfortunately, it might be the last time he pitches in the big leagues.

The Governor gunned down everyone within eye shot.

A.J.’s eye healed and the right hander did the same,  spitting venom along the way as he sat down bad guys at a torrid pace.

The Governor enjoys off-roading in his lifted Dodge Ram.

A.J. has a thing for off-roading too.

In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, it was obvious the Governor is still as bad ass as he ever was.  Yeh, the fire is still burning inside the biggest villain on television.

But the verdict is still out if the fire still burns within A.J. Burnett.