Clint Hurdle Talks A.J. Burnett, Gregory Polanco, All Things Pirates on RumBunter Podcast


Are you tired of seeing this yet?

The RumBunter Podcast had the pleasure of speaking with the National League Manager of the Year, Clint Hurdle.  The Bucs skipper answers the question on the minds of most Pirates fans–has he talked to A.J. Burnett ?

The interview also spends some time on how Gregory Polanco is doing in the Dominican Winter League.  But more importantly, Hurdle talks about what the Pirates, fresh from re-bonding the city of Pittsburgh to baseball, can do to regain a stranglehold on the Dominican, which was at one time a hotbed for Buccos talent.

As always, it was a good time and we encourage you to listen.

The link to the Rumbunter Podcast is available by clicking here

>>> Podcast Episode 8: The Manager – Clint Hurdle

The last time Hurdle was on the show was a little over a year ago. The link for that show is available here. 

Let us know if you sense a different tone and thirteen months ago Hurdle had a lot more of explaining to do.  Back then the Pirates manager answered questions about The Collapse of 2012, James McDonald and the pitching staff, Rod Barajas and a lot more.

We had a good time going back and listening to his explanation about bunting.  So classic.

But one thing is clear.  Both interviews are typical “no-B.S.”   Hurdle handles everything in the same manner – straight forward and full steam ahead.