MLB Winter Meetings Coming Soon


Neal Huntington will be in Orlando for winter meetings soon. Will he return with the contracts of some new players?

MLB’s winter meetings are coming up December 9th through December 12th, and will be held in Orlando, Florida. This event is usually the first section of the offseason in which the pot on the hot stove really begins to be stirred. While the Pirates have made some minor moves and acquisitions since free agency opened up following the world series, by and large they’ve been relatively silent.

There haven’t been many rumors swirling around the Pirates since the season ended, but things should warm up at the winter meetings. The Pirates have a serious need to fill at first base, in addition to a right field situation that isn’t cemented by any means. Whether Jose Tabata and Gaby Sanchez can get things done has yet to be seen, but based off the historical data there’s no reason to believe it would be the best move for the team to start the season with those two playing full-time.

Perhaps Neal Huntington will be able to swing something over the time spent in the meetings, perhaps not. The Pirates are facing a lot of roster questions going into 2014, and these next few weeks will give us the first few answers as to how the issues will be (or won’t be) resolved.  In Huntington we trust.