Winter Meetings: How To Quickly Kill A Deal


The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are in full swing in Florida.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are searching for a first baseman and it’s pretty comical some of the scenarios.  The idea is the club will pair a left handed/right handed destroying hitter with Gaby Sanchez in an Oakland A’s esque platoon to solve one of the biggest holes on the Bucs 2013 roster.

Of course, the Bucs are starting low or are being mentioned on several low risk/high? impact type deals including familiar names like Adam Lind, Logan  Morrison and Jose Bautista.

Well not Jose Bautista, but I wanted to get your attention.

The name Logan Morrison has come up again.  We wrote about buying low on Morrison a while back.

One would think that if the Pirates said Josh Harrison for Morrison the doors would be closed quickly.   Apparently not though, so how low is Morrison’s value?  Damn.

The other first baseman discussed today was with the Blue Jays.  No, it was not Joey Bats, but Adam I Finally Found My Bats Lind.

The rumor was reported by Shi Davidi, the Blue Jays wanted Neil Walker in return for Lind.  About the time Pirates GM Neal Huntington got this text from the Jays, surely he showed the text to all of his buddies at the bar and everyone got a chuckle.

"Already on their way into town, they were approached by the Pittsburgh Pirates about Adam Lind, asked about second baseman Neil Walker in return, and had talks quickly fizzle, two sources told"

The Pirates staff, mainly Neal Huntington is probably still chuckling about that offer as they sip a few Boston Lagers at the lobby bar.