Andrew McCutchen Pops The Question Better Than Any Man on Planet


Andrew McCutchen celebrates after proposing on the Ellen Show

Pittsburgh Pirates superstar Andrew McCutchen does so many great things.  Yesterday he continued to be great at things off the baseball field effectively raising the bar on wedding proposals to a never reachable limit for most men.  Everyone knows he is better at baseball than most people on the planet, but now he also proved he can propose to his girlfriend better than any man ever will.

The guy continues to show his superiority over the male species.  Go Cutch.

McCutchen is the face of the Pittsburgh Pirates and yesterday the NL MVP went on the Ellen show to do the unthinkable.  We all knew something was up with that Twitter post in which McCutchen reminded fans to tune in to “Ellen” to catch his “big announcement.”

Cutch who is 27, appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, and it was immediately clear that something out of the norm was going to happen, we just weren’t sure that Dan Zangrilli could be right.  Zangrilli scooped the wedding proposal and of course he was right.

DeGeneres was in on McCutchen’s plan, as it was evident with her setup question….are you single?  are you dating?  Cutch pointed out that his girlfriend of four years, Maria Hanslovan, was sitting in the “stands.”

Yeh, its quality chick flick television everyone.  When the video that McCutchen had made started to play it was clear that it was all going downhill, well depending on your perspective I guess.

We aren’t sure who wrote the speech a nervous McCutchen delivered about being a lion and then dropping the line…”times a billion?”  What?  It sounded worse than some of our blog posts, but whatever.  The bottom line is the ladies loved it.  Watch it for yourself and don’t miss that two sizes to small tophat at the end.

However, a word for Cutch to remember is this.  As my wise Uncle told me and I ignored, there is still time Cutch.  Still time.