Ike Davis, Inconsistency, and What The Hell is Valley Fever?


I’m not a doctor. I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night either.  After initially denying it, Ike Davis had/has Valley Fever.  No idea what Valley Fever is, but it’s so bad that it has a graphic that looks like this:

It does this:

And this:

It seems like Valley Fever is a bitch.

But before the Valley Fever did whatever it did to the career of Ike Davis, Davis was something different.  Much different.  Davis has been an above average fielder and then a power hitter, and after a trip to the minors in 2013, a player with plate awareness.

During his rookie season in 2010, he hit bombs longer than most anyone in the game-an average of 415.1 feet while he picked it like a Gold-Glover.  He also put up a triple slash of .264/.351/.440 while playing Gold Glove-caliber defense at first base.

In his sophomore season it was more of the same with improved numbers until mid-May.  The average was over .300 to go with a .383 and a 543 to complete the triple slash.

But then it actually came crashing down when he and David Wright collided, doing their best impersonation of Ryan Church running over Neil Walker.  The Pittsburgh Kid shook it off, but Davis injured his ankle and it went from sprain, to bone bruise, to season ending micro-fracture surgery.

The Valley Fever came in 2012.  The fatigue and unshakable flu symptoms changed his career.  The numbers dove.  The defense sucked.   But after the break, Davis came to life and finished fifth in the NL with 32 majestic bombs.

2013 was even worse and in June he was sent to the minors.  After he came back up, Davis seemed healed.  The strikeouts which were so prevalent before were replaced with a few more walks.  Again, Davis had a season that wasn’t real similar to the one before it.

Davis has had a wildly inconsistent career.  It should be a buy low move, but the Mets have quite an asking price for Davis.  Rumors point to the Mets being interested in Nick Kingham.

Maybe the Mets have Valley Fever too.  Shit’s contagious you know.


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