All I Want(ed) for Christmas: A.J. Burnett to Do His Thing Again


It was weeks ago that Pittsburgh Pirates fans were told we would know soon. We still wait patiently. It’s hard not for Pirates fans to feel like that little girl Gwen from Arthur Christmas that almost didn’t get her bike. It seems like we’ve been forgotten this offseason.

I think I speak on behalf of most Pittsburgh Pirates fans when I say that A.J. Burnett returning to the Bucs in 2014 would be great.  It’s all I freaking wanted for Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, the smile on my son’s face was great. Seeing my wife happy was very important, vital in fact to a successful Christmas. But all I wanted…. all I asked Santa for was good news from A.J. Burnett’s camp, his agent, his wife, hell, even A.J. himself. But it looks like Christmas will come and go with no word.

So we will have to settle for some gif entertainment from around the blogosphere, mainly the remarkable Forbes to Federal. Watching them makes me smile on this cold Christmas day. It also makes me realize, yet again, that having A.J. Burnett on the Pittsburgh Pirates was pretty damn enjoyable.  I hope it’s not over.

So just in case you forgot, or are feeling like Gwen this Christmas, here are a few of our fav Burnett being Burnett GIFs.

If you have one, leave it in the comments, it might cheer me up. Merry Everything from Team RumBunter

The stealth A.J. attack

A.J. doing the Nutting Blows chant gets a Woo! Woo!

Flipping off the Cubs dugout was really funny.

A.J. lovin the defense of Pedro Alvarez.

And A.J. doing what he does best…

Just once Santa…just once.


Ahh…the classic from Billy in Brunswick.