MLB Draft Insider: Interesting Look at Pirates Top Prospects


Gregory Polanco tops MLB Draft Insider’s top Pittsburgh Pirates list

The Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system is gaining a lot of well deserved attention around the internet.  I especially enjoyed looking at the work of Chris Crawford from MLB Draft Insider.  He posted his top 14 Pirates prospects yesterday and the list is very interesting.

I always enjoy reading the work of Crawford who was always high on Reese McGuire the Bucs catcher who had a promising start to his career.  (Maybe because he was so close to McGuire and could see him consistently)

The list is interesting for many reasons.  We always thought that Gregory Polanco’s swing looked especially long, but his hands would make up for it.  Crawfords comments on Jameson Taillon are similar to those that many of us have made after seeing Taillon in action.

Crawford believes that Austin Meadows will continue to rack up walks because he rarely swings at pitches outside the zone–a great trait for a young hitter.  I loved the comments on the 6’7″ Tyler Glasnow and like most every Buccos fan believe the command will come this season.

The only thing disappointing about the Crawford list is the fact that he stopped at 14.  Be sure to click the link and check it out.