Pirates Black n Gold Java


1.  The Chicago Cubs got a new mascot and it’s well, bad.  The New Yorker weighs in on their worst ever.

Baseball’s Worst Mascots


2.  You thought people in Pittsburgh were the only ones that bitched about low payroll?  Oh no, you are wrong my friend.  Baseball Nation weighs in on that Chicago lack-of-payroll.

Hey Cubs, where’s all that money going?


3.  We always think about this topic.  Non baseball players that would be awesome to watch play baseball–well at least for an inning or two.  Baseball Prospectus has a few good ones–Manute Bol.  Oh, that’s a solid pick.

We would add Sidney Crosby, Big Ben, and John Daly.

Twelve Non-MLB Athletes We’d Like to See Playing Baseball


4. Reviewing The Brew checks in on one of the most glorious stories of all time.  Lou Olsen is a great writer and he provides some tips when being a fan of the Brewers in 2014.

Some of them are just fabulous.  It’s like reading our posts from years ago and include

Have an Escape Plan, Supplies, and Therapy…just to name a few of them.  I love reading about the fall of the Brewers.  It’s important to remember how they got there.  Let’s trust the Bucs don’t fall in the same abyss, but I feel confident we are in good hands.

2014 Milwaukee Brewers Disaster Preparation