2014 Pirates ZiPS Projections, Mr. MojoRisin and Brandon Inge


Over the past well, forever, ZiPS Projection Day has been far from Christmas Day for Pittsburgh Pirates fans.  Well, this year we get a Jim Morrison reference!  Pass the egg nog bitches before these Inge eyes burn a hole in your computer!

Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projections started being released at FanGraphs last season.  Today they were released and Carson Cistulli did the write up on them.  Szymborski can be found at ESPN and on Twitter at @DSzymborski.

The comparables are rather exciting with Gerrit Cole getting the Kevin Brown treatment, the 1988-90 Mr. Brown to you.  Jameson Taillon got the Aaron Harang comp.  But as is usually the norm, ZiPS isn’t crazy about the Pirates pitching.

Starling Marte’s top comp is Matt Kemp.  And for those holding on the hopes of Gregory Polanco…drum roll…Johnny Damon. We can’t be sure if it was pre-sideburns though, but the 3.2 WAR is a bit hefty.  One of the most frightening things is seeing Mike Pagliarulo, the now AAA hitting coach, as a comp for El Toro.

But not as hefty as the Reds ZiPS, but that’s a story for another day.

When Carson tweeted the graphic yesterday, we knew the offense was going to be better than we had seen in the past, Andrew McCutchen gets a 6.4 which is cool.

Brandon Inge still on the graph.  (Who knew his veteranosity mattered to smart saber lovers too?)   And the Inge comp is MojoRisin?!?

The 2014 Pirates and the ghost of Jim Morrison!  Let’s. Go. Bucs.

Complete article here http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/2014-zips-projections-pittsburgh-pirates/