Pirates Morning Dew: Waiting Sucks


The plight of the Pittsburgh Pirates is summed up rather well we think today in two links from two very different authors.  The one is from Dejan Kovacevic, the other Mark Madden.

If you’re familar with the work of DK and Double M, the articles are a snapshot of the realities facing the Pirates.

The Pirates options in the story  by DK are as follows.

1. Stash the cash which is the most arrogant method and the one it appears the Bucs will likely take.

2. Wait it out.  Patience is something we don’t have much of any longer.

3. Find a piece of scrap late in the Spring in the likes of Ike Davis or Mitch Moreland.

4. Extend Walker and Alvarez.  Yeh, that’s not happening in our opinion.

5. Leave RF alone.  (Yeh, that’s being done already.)

Sorry about my stark reality here, but all five of those add up to me as the same.  Wait.  Just wait.

Or if you aren’t as harsh, do all the little things that teams like the Pirates must do repeatedly to keep the team (1) afloat and (2) relevant.    And then if everything lines up perfectly, the team might, just might be back in the playoffs.

Waiting sucks.  It makes me wonder what was said about adding the payroll in the Morneau deal last season.  Makes me curious about the cash spent on Buck.  Nutting wouldn’t hold a few million over the heads of NH and FC would he?

Finally Mark Madden had an interesting take on MLB.  Here is the link to Mr. Madden’s story which details the harsh reality of Major League Baseball.  The Pirates won’t be making major upgrades because they really don’t have to at this time, or ever.

The Pirates lineup could easily look like the mowie wowie being grown in Colorado these days which means it could be entirely homegrown this year when Tony Sanchez makes a start.  Pretty amazing, but that wait nearly killed Buccos fans.

It’s frustrating, very frustrating in fact to hear the Pirates President speak of a solid-middle of the market TV deal, but the offseason is spent waiting…and waiting.

Madden has it right, the figure skating marriage of the baseball writers and MLB is pretty sickening.  Screw Ken Rosenthal and his ridiculous headline.  And screw this waiting game, isn’t Opening Day yet?

Oh what did you say honey?  The pipes are frozen?  Let’s just wait for them to thaw out.  I hate not having baseball.