Andrew Lambo, Jeff Branson Talk 2014 on 93.7


We were able to check out these interviews with Jeff Branson, Pirates Hitting Coach and Andrew Lambo, today on 93.7 The Fan.

Branson said ‘stubborn’ one too many times for us, and we tuned  him out.  Let’s trust the Bucs hitters don’t do the same because the Pirates offense has sucked in recent…., well recent forever.  But you knew that…a few Sporting Charts (which we love) for your eyes to soak it in.

The interview jumps around on different topics without much meat outside of Livesey likes tape.  But whatever, enjoy it on this snowy Saturday.

Bob Pompeani had Andrew Lambo on his show.   The Bucs 2014 first baseman sounded calm about the situation and he sounded ready to roll in 2014 so we were sucked right in.

The offseason preparation, competing hard, and not being concerned about the uncontrollable is what Lambo attributed to his breakout season.

"It’s going to continue to show."

Loved that line from Lambo who admitted that the game was a bit faster to him.    It didn’t hurt that he was called up for the Cardinals series in the heart of the dogfight of 2013.

Lambo talked about the great fans of Pittsburgh.  Smart, smart man.

Listen to his voice, his tone and his confidence perk up when Pompeani asked about his experience at first base.