A.J. Burnett Watch: What’s This Burnett Tweet Mean?


The A.J. Burnett Watch Update #151.  You know our feelings on the Pittsburgh Pirates need to sign A.J. Burnett for the 2014 season.   We have been watching the twitter timeline for any sign from the Buccos ace on a possible return in the 2014 season.

The tweet today made people curious if there was a hidden meaning to any of it.  Check out the conversation below and give us your thoughts on what it all means.  (Remember, that double rainbow video a few years ago?

I like that Burnett replied to the bait from @AaronGuerrieri.  As Aaron points out, Burnett’s numbers as a Pittsburgh Pirates starter are impressive.  The 2013 season was effin unreal and it’s also very cool that Burnett has his Batman suit stored in a safe place.

Now it would be really cool to see him show up Ricky Vaughn style in Bradenton like (BuccoFan said in his tweet) rockin the Dark Knight hookup.

It would also be really cool to see Burnett hang out with his family if that’s what he decides to do.  But there is no doubt in my mind that Burnett is going to be on a mound somewhere again, there’s just too much left in the tank, too much angst in his soul, too much passion for winning to go out like he did.

Right?  Someone tell me I’m not crazy.