Jameson Taillon on 93.7 The Fan Talks Bucs, Gregory Polanco, A.J. Burnett


Jameson Taillon firing strikes in Spring Training. PHOTO Rumbunter.com

Jameson Taillon was interviewed by Bob Pompeani of CBS Sports 93.7 The Fan. We highly suggest you check it out as the topics in the interview were diverse as his inability to grow facial hair to his recollecting a 19-strikeout no-hitter from high school.

Taillon mentions that he feels he has become “a more complete pitcher.” It’s hard to argue that fact. The fastball heavy right-hander sits 94-96 with his heater. The biggest improvement we noticed from watching him this season was the improvement of his delivery. Most people have discussed the drop-and-drive motion from Taillon which allows his pitches to become more hittable. If you recall, the same arguments were made about Gerrit Cole. While Coles’ delivery is different from Taillon, early in his career and even in college, Cole would get lit up on occasion.

Both pitchers have learned to make changes in their approach, which as Taillon says in the interview, is a credit to the developmental staff of the Pirates organization. The staff has gained the trust of a slew of talented arms which has created a buzz around the Bucs minor league system. The sustainability of the success in the minors is something to watch as the team piles up wins at the Major League level.

Jameson Taillon pitching in the Pittsburgh Pirates Black and Gold game in 2013. PHOTO Rumbunter.com

The 6’6″ Taillon talks about ‘the vibe’ surrounding the Pirates and how others have mentioned it must be cool to be with the Bucs at this time. (How times have changed)

Pompeani moves carefully through the interview asking about Gerrit Cole, Gregory Polanco and Tyler Glasnow.

Taillon said something very interesting about Cole being the Game 5 starter, joked about the size of Glasnows’ shoes, and spoke about Polanco’s hips coming up to Taillons’ ribcage. Great stuff.

The big question was asked by Pompeani toward the end of the interview when he said would you like to be taken under A.J. Burnetts wing.

There wasn’t a hesitation in Taillon’s response. Be sure to listen to the interview here.