VIDEO: Who Is Steve Shenbaum And Why Do Pirates Use Him?


Steve Shenbaum is a former actor.  He is also the President of ‘game on Nation,’ a communication, leadership, and business consultancy best known for its work with corporations, collegiate, and professional athletes and athletic teams.

Shenbaum founded game on Nation in 1997.  Six years later they partnered with the IMG Academy and moved to the academy in Bradenton.  However, its partnership with IMG ended in 2012 when game on expanded its presence nationwide, adding clients including the US military and numerous corporations throughout the country.

Rob Biertempfel tweeted today that the team is meeting with Shenbaum.

"#Pirates meeting this morning with ex-actor Steve Shenbaum, corporate consultant/media relations guru— Rob Biertempfel (@BiertempfelTrib) February 21, 2014"

We checked him out on twitter and Shenbaum is followed by several Pirates including Bench Coach Jeff Banister, catcher Tony Sanchez, and other players including Jeff Karstens, Robby Rowland and Kirk Singer.   His wiki lists more about his acting career including the fact he was the scarecrow on Married…with Children.  God I loved that episode!

The client list on his website, or as he puts–“Clients That Have Got Their Game On”–already lists the Pirates (and Yankees) as his clients.  Other corporate clients that stand out are Under Armour which in case you haven’t looked, is absolutely killing it right now.

It appears that Shenbaum educates players that have recently been drafted or are preparing for the Combine interview process.  Check out his work with Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson prior to the draft.

By using interactive games and exercises game on Nation gets organizations moving toward positive change.  game on training claims to share “tangible outcomes you can see, feel, and measure.”   game on also has numerous testimonials including national champions in various sports, but also one from the skipper of that shitty team from New York.  No, not the Mets…the other one.

We have to think a quote from Andrew McCutchen would be great for Shenbaum’s site.  Anything is better than the Evil Empire right?

Be sure to check out the other videos and photos page.  Funny stuff.

But anyone who can work on the set of Beverly Hills 90210, Married with Children, and hell Hollywood in general and then spin a career in sports from the acting experience sounds like a damn smart guy.   Wish we could be in the room, the training sounds like a good time. And another cool idea by the Buccos.

Sidney Crosby, Ovi, Heath Miller and other are listed as first round draft picks.