Links: Carlos Martinez Twitter Fail, Pirates Predictions, First Base


From the St. Louis Post Gazette, the Cardinals Carlos Martinez had a good ole’ time on his Twitter account sending porn links and compiled pictures on his favorite list. The Cardinals said they were very embarassed by his actions, MLB said it was a learning experience.

The rolling list of flesh that was Martinez’ timeline was displayed on Deadspin. It was enough to make Mark Madden blush.

If you recall, Tony Sanchez was sent to Twitter Jail by the Pirates, but Tony Two Bags did nothing like this.

Cards insist Martinez ‘clean up’ Twitter account

From the Beaver County Times, Chris McGuiness knew he was going to blocked with the Texas Rangers. McGuiness said all he wants is a chance to show his stuff. It appears the Pirates are going to give him that shot, but when?

New Pirate McGuiness could be factor at first

SB Nation takes a look at what many Pirates fans have been saying all off season.

Preseason Predictions: What are they good for? (Absolutely nothing)

The Washington Observer Reporter took a look at the popular Gaby Sanchez is the answer to the first base opportunity. Today, Sanchez gets the start at first base and Andrew Lambo is the DH. Hmm…

Pirates hope Sanchez is answer at first base