Charlie Morton 93.7 The Fan Interview: ‘There Was Momentum Growing…”


The Pittsburgh Pirates Charlie Morton came on with 93.7 The Fan host Colin Dunlap last night.  Morton is brutally honest, taking long pauses to think of answers that aren’t clichés.  Be sure to listen to this interview if you are a fan of the Electric Stuff as he talks about A.J. Burnett, the building blocks the Pirates have put in place and what comes with signing an off season multi million dollar deal.

Morton said for fans that watch Spring Training games to look for pitchers throwing strikes.

"“It’s really tough to judge anyone during spring training cause guys are working on different things and sometimes they just haven’t put it together.”."

Morton breaks down what it feels like to go from having the worst season of his career, all of the surgeries and his non-normal path to the big leagues. Dunlap asked about the expectations that come with Charlie signing an extension worth millions of dollars this offseason.

"“I like have them expect me to perform.  It puts me in a good spot.  Nothing more, nothing less.”"

Morton said naming Francisco Liriano the Opening Day starter was the easiest decision Clint Hurdle had to make as a manager.

"“Frankie earned it……  It’s an honor.  It’s a privilege.”"

About A.J.

"“He was always pushing me to believe in my abilities…."

Be sure to listen to Morton respond to Dunlap’s great question about how the Pirates plan on building off success for the first time in what seems like forever.  And also how Clint Hurdle establishes the clubhouse.  Great stuff from Charlie Morton.

Click here to listen to Morton break it down here is the full interview that Colin Dunlap had with Charlie Morton