Pittsburgh Pirates Interview Links from 93.7 The Fan


The Pittsburgh Pirates are receiving more coverage from their flagship station 93.7 The Fan this season.  It’s pretty cool to see the Bucs getting some buzz, the numerous interviews have all been very good and we just can’t get enough.  We put the links all together here for you in case you missed them.  We didn’t see the Neal Huntington or Jeff Banister interview on the site as of yet.

Jameson Taillon

We liked what Taillon had to say about becoming a more complete pitcher.  The right hander talked about overthrowing in high schoo because there were so many scouts there watching him.

It’s pretty crazy to think about the number of scouts that had Taillon on radar guns.  I bet it would be one hell of a picture and it’s hard to imagine the pressure (and ladies) that comes with being that popular.

The Bucs top pitching prospect does talk about throwing hard doesn’t work when done alone in pro ball.  The kid sounds like he has a very level head regarding all of the pressure that is being placed on him–he’s used to it.

Tony Sanchez

The fuzz throwing donkeys is a great quote from the Bucs top catching prospect.  As always, it’s a good listen.

Andrew Lambo

Lambo was put in the outfield by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The confidence in his abilities was questioned by the Bucs–and rightfully so.  It’s nice to listen to Lambo speak with his own internal confidence.

"“They feel like they needed to get better, but we felt that we didn’t really need to go outside our organization to get better, and, you know, like I said before, it’s a lot of confidence. It instills a lot of confidence, so you want to go out and work that much harder, and get that much better.”"

Love this interview.

Charlie Morton

Electric Stuff wasn’t surprised about people thinking he was a headcase.  Too funny.