Sad State of Affairs in Pirates Search for Depth


Our nation’s capital was a lot of fun last night.  One thing we have always enjoyed about being a fan of Pitsburgh sports are the road games, especially Washington D.C.  Even Baltimore is a really good time.  So while we didn’t get to pay attention to the Pirates yesterday, we did check out our Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Pens ripped the heart out of the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center.  It was glorious.

What we liked to see wasn’t Sidney Crosby scoring a goal just seconds into the game, although that was crowd quieting.  It wasn’t all the pretty passes from stick to stick.  Nope, none of that interested us as much as the guy who played in goal.

The Pens have depth.  The Pirates are trying to discover depth.

The team needs right fielders, first baseman and pitching.  There are plenty of those players in Bradenton.  The challenge is nobody the team has penciled in for those jobs has really stepped up to grab the opportunity to take the jobs that are available.

We read that Travis Snider struckout three times yesterday.   Andrew Lambo hasn’t been especially strong at the plate, but he gets another shot in the lineup today.

Chris Dickerson kept on hitting the ball, his average is nearly .400 and OPS in four digits, but will he really be given the opportunity?  It’s hard to imagine that happening.

Chris McGuiness cooled off going oh-fer-four and is now hitting just over .300 with an OPS over .800

Jose Tabata is hitting under .160 while Jaff Decker is under .150 this spring.  Lambo is hitting .095–that’s not a misprint.

There are jobs to be had in Pittsburgh, but who will get them is the big question.