Mets Ike Davis Getting Back in Swing of Things


Feb 28, 2014; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis (29) hits a home run against the Washington Nationals in spring training action at Tradition Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been written this offseason about the Pittsburgh Pirates possible interest in the New York Mets Ike Davis.  Unfortunately for Davis, he has been on the sidelines the past ten days with an injury.

Recently, Davis had a walking boot on his right leg to nurse a calf injury.  Davis can’t stay healthy and it could impact the Mets ability to move him before the season starts which it appeared to be a goal of the organization.

The good news is Davis is likely to appear as a designated hitter tomorrow in a minor league game.  At least that is what Mets skipper Terry Collins said in this post.  The Mets first baseman is scheduled to swing a bat today if the tightness has gone away.

Looking at this tweet, Davis has shed the boot today and might be swinging a bat today.

If Ike Davis can get back on track, the rumors should begin resurfacing.  The Davis injury certainly wont help the Mets demands, but could be just what a team that is looking for that needs a left handed hitting first baseman.  A team like Pittsburgh that has internal options and could be patient in the short term.

The Bucs could give Gaby Sanchez the starting job on an everyday basis.  We wouldn’t be shocked to see that move by what we’ve heard this spring.   But a move to pick up Davis might not be out of the question.  We think it would unlikely, but the team could add Davis to a bloating number of possible left-handed options and pray that he can somehow stay healthy.  If not the Pirates, the Brewers might be interested.

With Davis getting back on the field, even if it is a minor league game, the trading block might not be far behind.