Pittsburgh Pirates Neal Huntington Show Notes


The Neal Huntington Show notes from today.

The Pirates Neal Huntington joined Greg Brown for his weekly radio show on 93.7 The Fan. The show focused around injuries including Francisco Liriano, Chris Stewart and Jameson Taillon.  Here are as many notes as we could catch for you.

Huntington spoke about exhibition games Friday and Saturday and then giving the team an optional day on Sunday.

Frankie Liriano is still not one hundred percent. Our challenge now becomes how do we get rid of it and get him ready for his start. Russ Martin is actually the one that pushed for him to get out of the game. We need to make sure we get him healthy as possible, that’s most important.

We will see where he is tomorrow and the next day. If everything continues to go well…he may not pitch in another A game down here.

Brown spoke about the honor of pitching on Opening Day. It wont be a fine line. If there is any risk, he won’t pitch. We aren’t go to risk six weeks of regular season just to make an opening day start. Our plan now is to keep him on track and watch how the next few days go.

Chris Stewart was talked about regarding his injury. It was never a question should we carry Tony Sanchez. The serious question was Chris’s knee. It was just a little torn. How long Stewart would be down was the big question.

Stewart is chomping at the bit.

Huntington said that the team expects Martin is going to get a significant offer next year.

Jeff Locke was talked about, Huntington said he did not see Locke pitch, his guys did.  Huntington said the fastball velocity is back, change is good.  He called Locke’s setback, minor…minor.

Huntington said that Locke is “healthy, feeling good, throwing the ball well” but he is not stretched out.

The Bucs GM said that the brass were ‘wide open’ on who would be the fifth starter.

Regarding Volquez:  We are focused on Volquez keeping fastball down and working it in and out.  (Don’t care much about the spike of a 97 mph fastball) Espeically if it’s centered.

Andrew Lambo is trying a little bit too hard said Huntington

Getting a ton of at bats for Gaby Sanchez and Andrew Lambo in minor league games.

Regarding Ishikawa…Huntington just didn’t sound surprised or upbeat about his play.  (Centered up a fastball for his homerun yesterday)  I personally got the feeling that it’s still Lambo heading with the club.

Regarding the right field platoon…it’s not a perfect platoon.  Snider and Tabata were discussed at length.

Surprises in camp?

"“Hard to say Andrew McCutchen is a surprise.  but from pitch one he’s been locked in….the only time he gets out is when he gets himself out.  Can he carry this forward for seven months, who knows. ”  Neal Huntington"

Jameson Taillon is being sent for a second opinion on his elbow.

"We support he’s opinion.  He made us aware of it.  Catch it early and move forward."

Starling Marte was discussed.  Huntington said it is a part of the plan.  We want to have financial stability.  Security for a player that would allow him to stay here for many years.  I won’t comment.  We cant prevent a player from commenting or his agent.  Negotiating through the media doesn’t help.  If we find the right opportunity…outstanding.  Some times we re-engage.  There is a myth that these are always club friendly.