Edinson Volquez Fan Club Set for Liftoff


The Edinson Volquez Fan Club

The Edinson Volquez Fan Club is about to takeoff.  That’s right Pittsburgh Pirates fans, the pitcher you love to hate has a fan club.  You probably wont be able to afford to join it, so you will say he doesn’t deserve a fan club.  Whatever.  The guy throws fire at 97 miles an hour.

Genius ideas like this one come often from the team at Rumbunter.  So we thought to ourselves, hold on, maybe someone already started one?  Fear set in….hold on.  What if there really is an Edinson Volquez Fan Club?  There probably are quite a few.  We thought maybe we should check it out first.

Ok, we searched everywhere and haven’t found a fan club for Edinson.  Just seems odd, but oh well I imagine his fans in Cincy, San Diego and L.A. just scraped their clubs when he left town.  So we dodged that bullet.  Now it’s time to get down to business.

We have one important question in this project.  Just how much would you pay to be in the Edinson Volquez Fan Club?  Ten bucks? Ok, I am going to make it two hundred dollars then.

After reading howtocreateakillerfanclub dot com, we decided the first thing we needed to do was grab the domain name so we can make a killer website.   God, I hope we have some options left.   I bet everybody was grabbing Volquez domains when the Bucs signed him.  Can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.

I headed over to GoDaddy.com.  I ignored all the female race car driver pictures, what is her name anyway?  Danica something and when did she start lifting weights?  Oh that Super Bowl commercial about spray tan that was 3.4 million dollars, that’s right.

I typed in VolquezFever.com lowered my head and said a prayer….fingers crossed, fingers crossed….BOOM!

Internet Gold!

Edinson Volquez Fever now has a new home.

Gotta love it.  It’s on sale too.  Bob Nutting would be so proud.  We bet there are a ton of people trying to get their Volquez blogs up before the season starts.  We totally lucked out with VolquezFever still being available.

Now that we have the domain staked out, we need to buy a non-boilerplate fan club template with a strong catch phrase.   The catch phrase is the hard part.  How about a play on a recording artist that most everyone adores– Justin Bieber.  We were thinking it would be well received by Pirates fans.

We needed to work on Volquez’s image a little bit in photoshop.  We tried to give his massive head a streamlined look, put a spark in his eye, make him look hot for the ladies.  It worked out tremendously well.

Edinson Volquez Believe Tour

Now we have to work that into the VolquezFever website.  This is going to take awhile.

VolquezFever.com is about to go live!