Starling Marte Will Be Another Bargain for Pittsburgh Pirates


Starling Marte will be playing beside Andrew McCutchen for a few more years.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed Starling Marte to a six-year deal.  The Bucs knew they had a talented player and thought he would provide an impact in 2013.  Marte did more than that putting up a breakout year.  The Pirates paid him.  We rip on the Bucs for a lot of things, but this was an example of taking a risk.  A very intelligent risk.

Marte wouldn’t have been eligible for free agency for six years.  The Pirates didn’t have to do this move, but the fact that they did is very wise.  In his age 24 season, Marte put up some big numbers.  Everyone saw his ability including hitting .280 and swiping 41 bags.  The expectations in 2014 are at an all time high.

Do you think Marte was happy yesterday as this deal was getting wrapped up?  He freaking went on a hit barrage.  The Pirates don’t have him in the lineup today because his arms probably hurt.

Starling Marte. Even Atheists Believe.

It was an example of a player the Bucs talent guru Rene Gayo saw more upside than any other team in baseball saw.  Marte was signed inexpensively and then was developed into an elite level talent.  The growth came not only in his body, but in his on-the-field talent.  The confidence grew and the Triple-A numbers showed he was ready for prime time.

Of course, the first big league at-bat certainly didn’t do anything to squelch those expectations.  Marte will turn 25 in October.  The Bucs will have Marte on their lineup card through the prime of his career.

Kudos to the Bucs.

Now it’s time for Marte to out produce the contract which is reported to be six years for $31 million with two club options.  Marte can get another big payday when he is in his 30’s.