Pittsburgh Pirates 2014 Opening Day Photo Hunt


As most of you know, Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day is a people watching holiday for us. So in honor of Kenny, the greatest vendor in history of the universe, we are proud to announce our Fifth Annual Photo Hunt inspired by JoeSportsFan.

PNC Park is the greatest ballpark on the planet. But it’s not the big statues, great view, or fancy food that make it great, it’s the people at the game.  Unfortunately we aren’t going to be at the Opener, so we are asking for a huge favor.  Please send us pictures.  Please?  We never ask you for a freaking thing, we need pictures.  I know you will come through for me.

It’s still as simple as it’s ever been. All you have to do is take the pictures at the opener at PNC Park and get them to us. We compile ’em, and somebody gets stuff from us.

Photos can be submitted beginning at 9:30am when the parking lots open. We will accept photos through 10pm Tuesday, because we know you’re getting shittty. We will be in West by God Virginia working so we will be looking for your best work.  The photos don’t have to be perfect, just send them over.

We don’t think anyone will get more than a few of these, but the person that gets most will win a cool prize.  Ask anyone who has won in the past, its a good time.

The 5th Annual RumBunter Photo Hunt

If you need the list in text format, here you go:

Andrew McCutchen, NL MVP, flashing a smile.

We seem to think we might see a few A.J. Burnett jerseys.  We are looking for modified ones.  Duct tape, customized, whatever.

Fans at the game wearing ex-Bucco jerseys, (Derrek Bell showed up last year so be sure to submit the most outlandish.)

Hot dog guzzling fans always make for good pictures.  Send us some from the tailgate.

New concession food at the ballpark.  A nine layer cheese sandwich called the closer and some tater tot mess called tatchos.  Get a pic for us.

Anybody shirtless.  The hotter the better.  Jimmy hooked it up a couple years ago.

Tony Sanchez with his finger in, near, or anywhere close to his nose.

Clint Hurdle loves bubble gum.  Prove it to me.

After you get your picture of a fan doing the  wave, tackle them for us.

Most original picture.  We have had some good ones, like the one from Ryan below.  Its a pretty easy one for you.  I got a pic taking a piss with Stan Savarn one year.  Media members count, especially if you can grab a pic of Dejan hugging Nutting)

Take a selfie.  Make it a good one.  Take a selfie with the saxophone man for bonus points.

We love the rubber band man.

Best Pirates fan mullet or Cubs fan mullet. Hell, any mullet will work.

Take a pic of an awesome stache for me.  This was a good one from yesteryear.

Send your pics to us one of two ways :

OPTION ONE: email myrumbunter at gmail

OPTION TWO: send to our Twitter account

We will compile them, pick the overall winner, publish them, and start printing your cash/picking out a prize.