Find Favorite Ex-Pirates Player With New Google Maps App


The Google ex-athlete tracker.

Google Maps has made finding your favorite ex-athlete a whole lot easier.  Did Mario Mendoza blow you off for an autograph when you were a kid?   Google has now developed a way to send your thanks, or maybe you would like to light a bag of s### on fire and leave it on his doorstep.

Either way Google ex-athlete Maps has you covered.

I have always wondered what happened where Dave Parker lives.  Now that I used this app, we know where to send our prayers.

But maybe you wondered happened to your favorite Bucco from days, years, decades gone by?  It’s a common question and leave it to Google to figure it out.  Like what ever happened to Mario Mendoza?  Or Doug Vrobel?  Or the guy who could walk on water, Chad Hermanson?  How about Bob Walk?

Its a twist on the ‘where are they now’ feature from some of the large coroporate owned blog.  Last night Google Maps launched Ex-Pro Athlete Tracker. Fans can easily track down the locations of former players.   It’s as easy as entereing the  worst shortstop you can remember in Pirates history, or you can enter any former pro athlete in the large search screen.  Hit search and ten seconds later you have the home address.

Think about the personal benefits of this new app. My softball team will have a major UZR defense improvement if Mario Mendoza can take us up on our invite to become our starting shortstop. I’m headed over to his house now to get this taken care of.


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