LinkFest: Pittsburgh Pirates Have A Bargain For You


You have all seen those guys that apparently are just out of ideas and propose to the love of their life at a baseball stadium.  After this article by Molly Fitzpatrick we can expect to see more and more of them at PNC Park.

The Pirates are a bargain.  An absolute but also boring as hell, bargain if you want to pop the question.  While other teams bring roses, send videos and utilitze their mascots.  The Pirates go the simple route.

Personally I think they should charge a $1,000 dollars, send it all to charity, and somehow incorporate releasing 500 butterflies after the answer everyone wants to hear is proclaimed.

Nevertheless, if you like this sort of thing, here you go.

For us…we take Grandma’s photobomb one finger salute approach to this type of thing.  SportsGrid

Grandma Photo by Kerinsa Mullins


The Chicago Sun Times is quick to hammer on their beloved Cubbies.  That didn’t take long.

Run production dogs Cubs already in 1-0 loss to Pirates in 10


Frank Coonelly is talking about the Pirates Brand.  Riveting.



Dave Cameron of Fangraphs has a cool article on five things he believes about 2014 MLB season.   The Cubs get top billing.  I don’t think I am buying it.

The team that concerns me a little bit after seeing Ramirez look like the Easter bunny…  Milwaukee.  Of course, Brewers fans gave Ryan Braun a standing ovation.  I don’t think that is going to happen at PNC Park in a few days.

The Brewers put up a shutout victory over the Braves.    It was pretty impressive too.