Frank Coonelly Talks Jameson Taillon, 1B, Dan Fox Game


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Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly was talking all things Pirates this morning on 93.7 The Fan.  The topics included what everyone in Pittsburgh wants to know, what is up with Jameson Taillon.  The extensions given to Neal Huntington and Clint Hurdle and other information that only the Bucs leader would know about.

Coonelly congratulated the efforts Huntington has done in the organization.  He spoke about the team that the Bucs GM inherited not being very good and the players that were decent approaching free agency.  Hurdle was also a topic for a few minutes.

The injury to Taillon seems significant enough that nobody is saying much about it.  Coonelly said nobody should read anything into the silence, but did mention that the Pirates and their stud young pitcher want to get as much information as they can.  He said that Taillon has been flying to various doctors in order to get the information.  We were aware of one second opinion in California, but it sounded like it’s been more than just two docs checking out Taillon at this time.

So reading between the lines is what we will immediately do since Coonelly said not to do that.  The injury is significant enough that Taillon wants to see as many doctors as possible.  We think that’s fair.  It’s a million dollar arm and every bit of information should be gathered.  We also think there must be some gray area, perhaps it’s not as bad as a full blown TJ because we have heard that the ligament is strong, but it seems that something is not right which makes a few looks necessary.

Of course nobody is going to know until everybody knows.  It just sucks waiting around and we cant imagine how bad it must suck for Taillon.  The right handed power pitcher was certainly planning on making it to the big club this year.

But its not like the Pirates don’t have other options.  Just take a peek at the Indianapolis rotation.  Damn.

And don’t forget Kyle McPherson either.

Coonelly mentioned an announcement regarding Vin Mazzaro will be forthcoming soon.   The only question is if it will be a big move or just a minor one as expected.

"Neal has been working the phones."

Regarding the first base ‘situation’ Coonelly mentioned that a trade isn’t imminent.

"We are pleased with Travis"

Check out 93.7 for the complete interview.