Monday Sucks Links


Edinson Volquez Fever now has a new home.

The Pittsburgh Pirates record sits at four wins and two losses after the first week of the season.

How bout that Edinson Volquez huh?  Membership prices are rising.

Here are some links.

Sweetspot looks at the news about Jameson Taillon.  The Cardinals talented arms are mentioned in the article too.

When losing Jameson Taillon hurts worst

We are pretty sure that Velocity Plus is the program that reliever Bryan Morris participated in this offseason.  Check it out if you have kids, coach, or just want to build up your softball arm.  I have softballs soaking in the rain as we speak.

Velocity Plus

Nick Bond of SB Nation checks out the Pittsburgh Pirates in this really cool titled article.

The not-so-terrible, not-so-horrible, not-so-bad, pretty good Pirates

Do you think A.J. Burnett misses the Pirates defense?  That ball got over the head of his left fielder would have been put in his back pocket by Starling Marte.

Uninspiring First Week for Phillies

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hits on Wei-Chang Wang still looking for some playing time.
Wei-Chung Wang still waiting for debut

And finally, the St. Louis Post Dispatch hits the nail on the shifty Pirates.  The quote from the Cards skipper sounds a bit bitter?

"Volquez “was good. Waino was great,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. “We didn’t put many threats out there. We couldn’t make anything happen. We’ve got guys who can hit and we just didn’t. … That’s a game when your ace does what you need to walk out of here with a win.”"

Pirates are too shifty for Cards