PNC Park Photo Hunt Results


PNC Park Photo Hunt

Each year Pittsburgh Pirates fans amaze me with their photo taking abilities during our PNC Park photo hunt.  The photos from Opening Day were extra special this year because we weren’t able to join in the fun.  We received a tremendous-record-setting amount of entries.

This year’s winner was @TheSportsJudge with runner up going to @SketchBucn and @DavidSwanger.  We got tons of other entries and we dropped a few of those in for you to enjoy.  I actually felt like I didn’t really miss my first Opening Day in twelve years.

Judge sent more pictures than anyone.  He hit ten of the photo hunt categories, but it was some of the original pics that were the most enjoyable.  SketchBucn and David nailed so damn many each of them coming a couple short.

Judge showed off the mastery of the English language here.

And here.

And here.

Especially here.

Oh yeh, here too.


Non-stop action in the midst of his Opening Day festivities, he still didn’t lose focus.

Great jersey find.

This is so damn good it’s worth bonus points.

Ok, I try to help out PNC Park F&B by putting the new closer on the Photo Hunt…and this is the respect we are given?  35?  Holy jumping jingle balls!  35?  Obviously Dan Fox doesn’t work as the prep cook in the Hall of Fame Club, but 35?

Katie at SketchBucn had so many of the hunt items, we had to count three times to make sure she didn’t bring home her first title.  Some of her pics are here.

Best stache


JOSH BYERS sent in a few great pics as well defining the ‘frustration’ of Opening Day.  I love the sense of humor/frustration, but am glad I didn’t sit by Josh. This must have sucked having his very own Greg Brown wannabe nearby.

David Swanger is a self proclaimed iPhone guru.  It shows.

The stadium collapsing

The Dick Groat jersey! Never have witnessed one of these, its like a Bigfoot sighting.

This was the best Opening Day reality show tweet from @CoreyisDudes