Pedro Alvarez Home Run Tracker 2014


Pedro Alvarez Homerun Contest

The 2014 Pedro Alvarez home run tracker is back.  El Toro now has four home runs, more than he had for the entire month of April last season when he tied for the National League lead in bombs.  (We think that little nugget is going to make some pitchers very nervous)

If you’re new to the Pedro Alvarez home run tracker, we gather GIFs, videos and make photoshops to celebrate each and every PedroBomb.

Pedro Alvarez hit his third and fourth home runs of 2014.

Alvarez has averaged 415 feet of true distance on his four bombs, good for second in Major League Baseball to Cargo of the Rockies who has hit three on avg 424 ft.  ESPNHR Tracker

9April.  Number four:  El Toro blasts a 94 mph heater from Pedro Strop 429 feet to dead center field.   Video Link to MLB

Pedro Alvarez blasts his fourth home run to dead center field at Wrigley Field.

9April.  Number three:  Alvarez tied the game with this 379 foot blast to left center field off Cubs right hander Jason Hammel.    Video Link to MLB

Pedro Alvarez crushes his third home run of the year off Jason Hammel

4April. Number Two: Pedro Alvarez murdered a Shelby Miller changeup 434 feet. Pedro don’t like the changeup. Don’t like it all and had struggled against it last season. To watch him crush it completely out of PNC Park is awesome. We don’t know what the opposing pitchers are thinking after they see it. Good luck sleeping fellas.

Just watch this El Toro Bomb entirely leave, I mean completely get launched out of PNC Park. There was absolutely no doubt about this one. Man, we could watch this GIF all night long. There was no doubt about this one, as it traveled an estimated 448 feet.

4April. Number one: El Toro crushed his first home run of the season 417 feet off Shelby Miller of the St. Louis Cardinals.


If somehow your drinking problem caused you to miss the 2013 Alvarez Home Run Tracker here is the link for you.

If you look closely at all of those videos from last year, El Toro had just three opposite field homers while piling up 36 bombs to tie for the lead in the National League in 2013.

Alvarez is off to an incredible start. Instead of more cowbell, El Toro just needs more Cubs and Cardinals.

H/T The gifs were courtesy of @PiratesGIF which is a must follow on twitter and be sure to check out the blog too.