Gregory Polanco Video Highlights Are Fun


Gregory Polanco put up an .804 OPS in ten spring training games and by now you have heard that the 22-year old is walking on water at Triple-A Indianapolis.  It’s pretty exciting to see Polanco destroy pitching.  It will be even more exciting to see him do it when pitchers, especially those grizzled veterans, adjust to the outfielders approach at the plate.

Cool highlight, but we aren’t sure why he is looking over his left shoulder when he rounds second base.  Hell, he almost missed second base.

Of course we jest, but not too much….   I had to have something to be critical about after reading everyone gush over the rookie.  Let me go into my Neal Huntington speak on the topic…. It’s obvious that Polanco still has some items on the checklist to work through before he is called up to help the club in Pitsburgh.)  (Cough. Cough.)

Gregory Polanco videos are especially impressive when one considers he had nine plate appearances at the Triple-A level heading into the season.  Polanco is hitting like he’s been in the International League as long as Matt Hague has.

The most important thing we want to see from Polanco is continuing to improve against left handed pitching.  In the minors he hasn’t shown a mastery of it, but it’s something that is never easy for any player to do.  

The thing about Polanco is he just isn’t any player, he is one that is coming with some lofty expectations.

(this video was a bit better quality on my computer anyway.)

The homers are absolute shots.  The second one is below:

The first homer Polanco hit in Triple A  is at this direct link to the MiLB page.

The speed is flashed here….a dribbler to the first base bag turns into a big two-run single.

Here is the MiLB link to every Polanco video