The Annual Milwaukee Brewers Must Be Stopped Post: Vintage Edition


Nyjer Morgan was a constant pain for the Bucs during the Brewers ownership of the Pirates the past few years.

House of Horrors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Marco Ponch Estrada [fill in the blanks to describe the dominance over the Pirates. It’s Cy Young like.Every year we write this story. Typically, it comes after something really awful happens at the hands of the Brew Crew, but this year we waited to let the sweep of the Brewers sink in a little bit.

Actually we don’t really write anything…we just copy this story every year, and we felt it was appropriate to post this tonight as the Brewers are heading into town.  We will follow up in a little bit on it.  But for now–the post from last April which was really loosely based on the one from 2012, which was based on the one from 2011, which was…you get the idea.

"During that first inning last night, didn’t it feel like the same old story? We wonder how the team that actually gets beat down feels.How do the Pirates handle this continued domination? We guess the Hurdle-ism /mantra “We will just shower well,” and move on must work. But if that doesn’t work this evening against Marco “Ponch” Estrada, rest assured, “put a foot down” is coming out soon.Usually, it takes a sweep to spark the ‘Brewers Must Be Defeated Or Else’ story. We aren’t going to wait. It looked like they knew exactly what was coming last night, as Wandy Rodriguez struggled mightily.So what is it? Scouting? Sign stealing? Or are they just mentally tougher? Or better?Our heartfelt congratulations to the Brew Crew for bringing this story out sooner than ever. It’s frustrating to look at all of these old photoshops, but we are working on becoming mentally tougher."


"We hate the Brewers. We hate their celebrations. Their antics. Their jerseys. Their well… everything. You hate them, too. But most of all, we just hate the Brewers’ ability to consistently win against the Pirates."


"If the Bucs want the Brewers to stop celebrating, the Pirates simply need to beat them. The Pirates need to win in the House of Horrors before they will ever take the next step in their development.The Bucs have a saying, and the first part of it is entitled “Pride.” The rest of it includes the words, “Passion,” and “Pittsburgh Pirates” baseball.We think the Bucs have pride, but until they win in Milwaukee it’s going to be mentally tough for this Pirates team to ever be considered seriously by the Brew Crew.Let alone the casual fan."

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