Best Tweets from Pirates Brewers Brawl.


Carlos Gomez was ejected from the game against the Pirates.

Since absolutely zero clean punches were landed in the Pirates – Brewers brawl, we’ve decided to deliver the best tweets.  Look, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been involved in rather a lot of beat downs over the years at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers.  This afternoon at PNC Park, Gerrit Cole wanted to be no part of another one.  Here is how it went down–and it went down hard for Carlos Gomez.

The Brewers gold glover absolutely crushed a Gerrit Cole pitch to deep center field.  Gomez flipped his bat and pimped his fine work.

Unfortunately for Gomez, that was where the fun ended.  The ball was actually not hit out of spacious PNC Park.  It was just hit high and a long, long way.  Gomez started to run harder as the ball bounced off the center field fence and past McCutchen.   Apparently, he realized it was not hit out of the park; it was just over the head of Pirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen, so he got on his horse.  Gomez slid into third base.  In all reality, it should have been a rather easy inside-the-park-homer.

It looks like Gomez started chirping to Cole first, the Bucs ace gave it right back and had a few extra words for Gomez.  The Brewers’ gold glover didn’t care for what Cole had to say, and that’s when all hell broke loose.  Video

Travis Snider dropped Gomez without throwing a punch.  A serious sucker punch was delivered to Travis Snider, but it didn’t drop the Bucs outfielder.  Rickie Weeks had a choke hold on Snider and eventually wrestled him to the ground.