Pirates GM Neal Huntington Show Notes


Neal Huntington nearly won the Executive of the Year in 2013.

The Neal Huntington Show just wrapped up on the Pittsburgh Pirates flagship station 93.7 The Fan Pittsburgh.  It could have easily been called The Ike Davis Show.

Broadcaster Greg Brown was the host and began the show by asking about the Ike Davis trade.

Huntington said both sides found the common ground. We’ve added Ike to the lineup. They got a player that’s known in Thornton and player they like that is unknown. We feel we’ve added a legit threat in the lineup. Has a chance to bounce back. From their standpoint they went with Duda.

For his career his has done a lot of damage against righties. It’s not like Clint has to go get Gaby in the fifth if the opposition goes to a reliever. They both can do damage. Brown spoke about Clint Hurdle and Jeff Banister spoke to Sanchez about the trade.

Huntington mentioned that Gaby has two years of success at the big league level against righties. What we want to do is pair them. It will allow Clint to pick and choose when he goes to the bench. It was a hard conversation to tell Travis he wont be a part of the team.

Brown asked about Gaby’s success…did it give you pause. Gaby’s approach has been solid. He gave us pro at bats last year. The outcome was not what we would ideally like in this division.

We have confidence in our staff to help Davis get back to where he was, to even get him better than he was.

In regard to the player to be named, Huntington wouldnt bite directly on Brown’s question about if Davis would warrant a top draft pick.  He did say, ‘we gave up two nice pieces.’

The show went on and on about the Davis deal……  Chipper Jones quote about him being the strongest pound-for-pound player, something about his dad…and even if you haven’t seen Davis’s dad, check out DJGallo’s tweet.

Huntington spoke highly of Thornton and the job he did while with the Bucs.

When asked about Andrew Lambo, Huntington hit it straight on with his answer. We can just about guarantee Lambo will have an impact on this team, this season. Outfield and infield.

Huntington spoke about Gregory Polanco.  Hes playing great.  Seeing fastballs.  Staying within himself.  Doing the little things.  Andrew McCutchen had 800 at bats in Triple A.  Walker 1000.  Pedro had three months and he’s had his bumps…    We are still a long way away from talking about Polanco.   Brown bakpedaled and said he promised not to ask him about Polanco every week.

And finally, the thing we were waiting for got roughly twenty seconds–Wandy Rodriguez was asked about by Brown.

There are some really good signs at times with Wandy…..but when he makes mistakes, they get hit hard.  In the third inning last night one could argue that if we make a routine play, he doesnt give up two runs…and that bled into what happened in the fourth.  He’s also pitched in awful conditions.  Not making excuses for him, but we need to help him.

So there it is.  Rodriguez is going to have a long rope.

Regarding Jason Grilli and red flags…  Milwaukee did a great job last night.  Their big guys came through.  We didn’t make enough plays…Jason is throwing the ball well.  The velocity is back, crisp slider.  Melancon has thrown well…we were so spoiled last season.  The bullpen just didn’t give runs ever….when they did it was because Clint had to use them to get work in.  We had just lost two in a row or we were up 9-2.  Unfortunately, its what major league relievers do, (they do give up runs) we just have to minimize the damage.

Huntington said that he could see a situation in which two wild cards wouldnt come out of the division because everyone beats each other up.

":Milwaukee is rolling through the hardest part of their schedule and has the best record in baseball.   You gotta tip your cap to them.”  Neal Huntington"

I hate the Brewers.