Did Pirates Gerrit Cole Deserve Suspension?


The fallout from the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates ahem, brawl is starting to rear its head.  Players have been suspended, but did Major League Baseball miss Gerrit Cole, the player that some feel started it all?  We think not.

But somebody does think Cole deserved suspended.  The Brewers skipper.  Go check out what Mike Hunt ( we kid you not,)  wrote in an online article today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  called Too Many Unanswered Questions in Sunday’s Brawl With Pirates.

Here is a tidbit:

"Brewers manager Ron Roenicke is unhappy that Cole skated, but what are you going to do? Certainly, baseball cannot fine or suspend every player who flaps his gums in trash talk, but maybe it should look into the caveat on free speech ending at the point where someone yells “fire” in a crowded theater.That’s Roenicke’s take, and he’s right. Cole getting off was the worst part of the ruling.“The guy who started it all (got) nothing,” he said. “So I’m not happy with it. (General manager) Doug (Melvin) is not happy with it. I know they are tough decisions. But I don’t think it’s fair.”"

Look, if every player who barks on the baseball field is suspended, fans are going to be paying to watch some quiet, subdued Double-A players.  That isn’t baseball.  The game we all love is filled with fire and passion.  Any attempt to take that out of the sport is ridiculous.  Bat flips, Zoltans, holstered pistols and Yes! Yes! Yes! are all examples of that passion.  Hell, Gomez plays the game with a lot of skill, but also he has a good time enjoying his exploits.  Good for him–we obviously dislike it, but the Bucs just need to control it with better pitching.

Some feel Cole stepped over the line.  We don’t feel that way, but respect those who do.

The fact that Gomez lost his mind is on him.  Obviously there were other options for the Brewers star and he chose not to take them.  Making a move toward a teams ace is going to get the attention of any big league clubs players including those in the bullpen and on the bench.  This isn’t something new.

Are we going to suspend everyone who barks on a ball field?  I sure hope not.  Instant replay has already taken some of the spit-flying arguments between managers and umpires.  The last thing I want to watch is a sterile game of baseball.

Gerrit Cole is everything Pirates fans have wanted in a player.  Everything that was gone for 20 years.   He throws fire.  He spits fire–usually at himself when he makes mistakes, but to see him bark at Gomez isn’t completely out of line.  I absolutely love that Cole has gained so much attention from the Easter Sunday Brawl, it will only make him a stronger player.

Now all the Pirates have to do is back him up with their bats.