Topps ’79 Pirates Box Set Is A Must Buy


When we heard that Topps was sending us a Topps ’79PiratesBox we were excited.  We get countless invites to do reviews of free stuff and have killed most of them, but this was different.  When our very own ’79PiratesBox  arrived five minutes ago, we tore it open like it was Christmas.  When we saw the quality of each product, the excitement turned into pure elation.

Topps outdid themselves.

The set is highlighted by the We Are Family shirt which is made by Red Jacket, the purveyors of Sports Culture.  The shirt is made of the best quality material, the logo is consistent with those from 1979 and best of all is the quality, although it’s not made in the USA.   Do you remember those favorite pajamas you wore as a kid–yeah, it’s just that soft.  Softer than a puppy.   Wait – is anything softer than a puppy?  If there is, then that’s what the shirt is.

The #Pirates79Box is a must buy

The wrist bands are cool.  There is one for POPS.  There is one for ANTELOPE.  There is one for TEKE.  There is one for COBRA.  There is one for CANDYMAN.  But who is the Frying Dutchman?

The 11 x 14 prints come in a giant We Are Family wax pack.  The whole box is really cool.  Enough of this, we have to go buy the other one…wait…where is the second edition?  We need it!

Anyway, since you don’t have anything this cool, go check out the website; the pictures are flawless, and each shows exactly what the set includes.   Get your cash out, because this is a very cool investment for Buccos fans – sorry, Baltimore Orioles fans.  1979 was all Pittsburgh.  Yes! Yes! Yes!

I wish I could make this video bigger.  Eric is one handsome mother…wow.

The only thing that sucks is the shirt is made in India.