Baseball America Draft Podcast Shows Pirates Love


Baseball America gave high praise to the Pittsburgh Pirates recent draft class.  After numerous draft recaps seemed a bit down on what the Pirates did compared to other teams in the NL Central, it’s some rare praise.   While we aren’t a huge fan of Baseball America podcast host J.J. Cooper, it still is a good listen.  Cooper hosted Baseball America editor John Manuel and draft maven Clint Longnecker on the podcast and listening to the time alloted for the Pirates was rather exciting.

The link has two parts, if you are interested in only listening to the Pirates portion of the podcast, you will want to hit Part II after the jump.  Here is the link to the Baseball America Draft Podcast.

The Pirates draft recap begans around the 49:20 mark on Part II.  Part I covers the teams that drafted in the top half of the draft, while Part II tackles the back half, starting with the Diamondbacks.

If you dont have the time to listen right now, maybe after reading some of the comments you will change your mind.

I like the Pirates draft.

Some called their first pick a reach….but I like what they did.

Filtering money down the board is exciting.

Joe has bat speed and is a back up if Reese McGuire falters.  Listening to the banter about how exciting McGuire is sort of makes it all worthwhile.

I’m in on the Pirates draft.

H/T to Roberto at BucsDugout for finding this nugget