Gregory Polanco, No Way He Can Live Up To Expectations


Bucs GM Neal Huntington spoke about Gregory Polanco still needing to learn lessons in AAA.  Huntington mentioned that last night wasn’t the expected arrival time for the young outfielder.  Huntington mentioned that AAA pitchers had stopped pitching to him.  The Bucs GM said that with Neil Walker’s injury however, the time for lessons in the minors was over.

Huntington said there is no way Polanco can live up to the expectations toward the end of his interview this morning.  That’s a hard position for Polanco to be in, but  now with the debut in the mirror, he can go out and try to do what the GM said he can’t do.

The Bucs GM said that he anticipates a seller market at the trade deadline.  He did mention he would see if he could push up the action on the market.  Which we took to mean try to make a deal sooner rather than closer to the deadline.

Huntington also mentioned he thinks Starling Marte is pressing about his contract.

The buzz around Polanco was phenomenal yesterday.  Here are some of the links we enjoyed.

From KDKA, Rene Gayo knew Polanco was special.

Rene Gayo on Gregory Polanco

Frank Coonelly talked about selling tickets, Gregory Polanco and importantly, said he is personally interested in talking about Russell Martin staying in a Pirates uniform.

Frank Coonelly on Gregory Polanco and Russell Martin

KDKA cleaned up on Polanco day. Speaking with AAA Indianapolis Indians skipper Dean Treanor was a brilliant idea. Here is the link that includes some descriptions about Polanco and how he learned about the promotion.

"“It’s the sound of the ball off the bat, it’s different,” Treanor said.  “I think that’s the thing that really stands out is the different sound of that ball off the bat and how impressive that is.”"

AAA Manager on Gregory Polanco