Vote Neil Walker Campaign Video Pokes Fun at Brandon Phillips


We think she will vote Neil Walker for the All Star Game, you should to!

You should vote Neil Walker for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game.  The Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman deserves your vote.  But simply saying that is hard for us to do.  Who are we to tell you what to do with your MLB All Star ballot?

But then after some inspiration from the Milwaukee Brewers, it came to us.  Get in touch with Drew Brown the creator of the best YouTube videos on the planet.  Let him and his team do some work…and maybe, just maybe the magic can unfold and Walker can get some more votes.

In case you missed it the Brewers made an attempt to bring some fun into the usual ballot stuffing madness that surrounds the fan voting.  It brought in the use of making a political campaign spoof.  The Brew Crew used Carlos Gomez and catcher Jonathan Lucroy as their candidates.  (The Cardinals fans made a rebuttal of course talking about the greatness of St.Louis)

Obviously, Lucroy wasn’t involved in the making of the ad.  And just as obvious Neil Walker wasn’t involved in the making of this one either.  St. Louis skipper Mike Matheny has the final say in terms of the roster and he was rather pissed off to see his catcher Yadier Molina being the brunt of the funny commercial.

The Brewers commercial asks

"“Do you want another St. Louis Cardinal to star in an All-Star Game? Isn’t there a better way?”"

The narrator then explains more about Lucroy’s accomplishments and then hits the gas pedal

"“Most importantly,he is not a St. Louis Cardinal.”"

Matheny wasn’t laughing:

"“I think you have to take it in the nature in which it was meant, and it was meant to be geared toward their fan base,” Matheny said. “It was just amazing that it was that much directed at our organization. I think that part probably caught me off guard the most.“Not saying that’s surprising. We’ve gone through this the last few years, especially last year with the Cardinal Way stuff getting blown way out of proportion. I think it can put a bad taste in a lot of peoples’ mouth. But in defense of the recognition that our guys have had — whether it’s having a number of guys on the All-Star team — that stuff isn’t just handed out. These guys have worked hard for that. They have deserved it, and they have earned it, and I don’t think that’s anything for us to apologize for.”"

Lucroy said he didn’t want people taking it the wrong way.

We can safely guess Neil Walker feels the same way.

We don’t.

#VoteWalker.  Enjoy.

Remember to cast votes for Walker and the other All-Star Game starters, you can do so at and on the Pirates website whether online or on a mobile device until Thursday, July 3, at 10:59 p.m. CT. The 2014 All-Star Game will be played at Target Field on Tuesday, July 15.