Baseball Pranks: Nate McLouth and the Hooters Girls


Nate McLouth and his young Pirates teammates were good sports about this baseball prank.

Baseball pranks have been a part of baseball forever and the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball pranks are some of the best.  Pranks seemed to be a tradition, especially during the 20 year losing streak for the Pirates.  Damn, those guys were fantastic at pulling pranks on each other.

Last night ROOT Sports ran there Pirates Tales segment of pranks and they had some great ones.  Jack Wilson broke Tike Redman’s heart.  Redman was one of the first athletes Under Armour signed to an apparel contract.  Wilson created an official letter that stated that Under Armour headquarters had burnt and the company went bankrupt.

One story that wasn’t featured but we remember from PirateFest was told by Evan Meek.  The Pirates reliever talked about shooting Anbesol from a syringe into oranges.  Meek said he would laugh as his teammates mouth went numb.  Yeah, everyone might want to keep an eye on Meek if you’re ever at the same party.

Baseball pranks seem to usually be targeted at young players.  You know, the guys that don’t have a lot of cash and connections around the city.  Some pranks have gone as far as getting local police involved to cuff teammates and escort them out of the clubhouse.    The most popular prank this season defied the odds–it was actually so well thought out that it fooled veteran Jeff Francouer for a month. 

So when Nate McLouth shared his story of the prank that was pulled on the young Buccos a few years ago, we perked up.  The Pirates veterans had taken all of the clothes out of the younger players lockers and replaced them with Hooters beaters and way-too-short-shorts.

And then ROOT Sports flashed the picture.  Zack Duke is really enjoying himself.  Tom Gorzelanny.  Wow.  Brad Big Country Eldred.  What in the world is Matt Capps doing?  Oh, it’s glorious.

Nate McLouth and his young Pirates teammates were good sports about this baseball prank.