Dejan Kovacevic Launches New Site


Dejan Kovacevic on Pittsburgh Sports

Dejan Kovacevic has been around the sports world and back again.  The man always giving sports lunatics what we love.  As you know, the Pittsburgh sports scene is a well documented one and when Dejan Kovacevic writes a story it’s always worth reading.  Now there have been times that he has written some, well many actually, things that I didn’t agree with over the course of the last few years.

But Dejan Kovacevic, let’s just call him DK, is someone that you always must read.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Sure DK can inspire a twitter riot quicker than Axl Rose could incite a crowd of thousands.  But Axl Rose has settled down since the 90’s, while DK just keeps on chugging Starbucks and starting new endeavors all the while giving us the must read sports columns.

When the guy really digs into a story, it’s over.  Just ask Dave Littlefield.  Nobody in the city, hell few in the business can give it the readability, the behind the scenes information that DK can.  On his new site which launched today, DK on Pittsburgh Sports,  there is just that kind of story.

For a long time, not just the instance DK wrote about today, the Pirates were a doormat.   That’s just baseball man is classic DK.    Things went on in the locker room that never got out to us low life fans very often.   Beat writers do a good job of sensoring the negatives around a team or a player.   DK let’s some of that inside info out in his first column over at his new hangout today.

We wish DK luck as he goes out on his own today with DK on Pittsburgh sports.

Whatever your opinion, go pony up a couple of bucks and help one of the best in the country give us what we love.