Pirates Yes! Yes! Yes! Line Needs Some Dance Moves


By now you have seen how the Pittsburgh Pirates celebrate a home run–the Pirates Yes! Yes! Yes! line is formed in the dugouts by the players and the player that hit the homers runs through it as his teammates chant.  It looks like a lot of fun.  But as the season winds toward a climatic close once again, the Bucs need to up the ante.

We put a few ideas together, maybe you have some better ones.  The Pirates Yes! Yes! Yes! home run gauntlet is amazing, but we think it might just get better.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Yes! Yes! Yes! gauntlet needs some spice. Here are five ideas how to do just that.

Travis Snider used the surfer slide last night, but with some help from his teammates, it would have been cool to see the Toronto Snow Swat.

Since it had been so damn long since Snider went deep, despite hitting the shit out of the ball lately just never out of the yard, perhaps the Woah, Where The Hell Am I,” would have been more appropriate?

I’m wondering if Ike Davis could have pulled off The Shuffle as he lumbered down the Yes line after Davis crushed that solo shot off Josh Beckett on Tuesday night.

Most of you have heard of Michael Jackson, and of course he was all about the Yes! movement-long, long, ago as witnessed in the GIF below….

Since Neil Moon Walker refuses to make outs since returning from the All-Star break, it’s pretty easy to determine what the Pittsburgh Kid should pull out the next time he takes one over the fence.

And it sure wouldn’t break my heart to see Andrew McCutchen, who is the ultimate smooth criminal, break out The Lean at the end of the Yes! Yes! Yes! gauntlet.  Maybe Nike will make him a special pair of spikes to pull it off.

Can’t wait to see em in action.