Pirates Trade Rumors : Jon Lester to Bucs or Dodgers


Pirates trade rumors are still swirling as the deadline approaches.

Pirates trade rumors are swirling late into the night and just picked up steam as Sharknado went off the air.  Guess it’s time now for Nealnado?  Stay off the streets because, the biggest buzz of the 2014  MLB trade deadline has Jon Lester being traded from the Boston Red Sox to either the Pittsburgh Pirates or Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jon Morosi was on MLB Whiparound and dropped his latest rumor.  Hat tip to Baseball Report for passing along the news.

At some point the Red Sox are going to have to let Lester go before the deadline.  The clock is ticking for Boston who is going to look bad in all of this.  One would think they would want the youngest prospect with the highest ceiling available, but buzz today was the team wanted a ML starter, so who knows really.

What is a fact is that the Red Sox were unwilling to pay the southpaw the money it would take to keep him pitching in Boston.  The Red Sox front office is being cautious which is a very difficult position to take with a pitcher that has been so solid for so long.   Being cautious as the deadline clock winds down will be the real test.

I guess it isn’t about what you have done, but what you are going to do that will get Lester paid.  If it’s between the Dodgers and the Bucs, the Dodgers are not willing to give up their top three prospects—and that must mean the Pirates arent going to do such nonsense either for a rental Lester.  So as the clock nears, the Sox demands are going to change.  They must dump him for the best deal on the table.    We trust a deal gets done as quickly as possible, maybe before the Cardinals realize that even their seven starters still might not be enough to take down the Bucs and especially L.A. with Lester in the rotation.